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Published: 21st February 2011
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The significance of backup power supply cannot be ignored. All the devices at your home need to continue functioning smoothly even during power failures and voltage fluctuations. Having backup supplies is an assurance that all your data is safe on your computer and also all your appliances are safe. Backup power is a power supply which will keep your equipments in the working condition whenever there is a power failure. They work on a chargeable battery and especially in the case of delicate equipments like computer; the battery makes sure that you get enough time to save any files on your computer before it finally shuts down.
In order to get the best backup power supply for your devices, first need to know details like how much power the device needs. Once you are aware of the power requirement of your appliances, you will be able to start looking for a backup power supply. There are many different backup power supplies available on the market. One of the best known companies is the brand Volta. They have a very experienced and resourceful team of engineers in Mumbai who strives for the best.
They offer a wide range of backup power supply options for all your home appliances. Volta offer a wide range of products like Online UPS, Line interactive UPS, Inverter, Voltage stabilizer and Battery. All of them serve the main purpose to give you valuable devices a safe backup power supply. The powers back up systems by Volta are used all across India in important industries like Hospitals, Laboratories and various industries. In India, power failure is an everyday common story. To cope up with this situation UPS and Inverter holds a very special importance in one’s life. The Online UPS comes in three categories: TF Series Online UPS Systems, HF Series Online UPS Systems and ST Series Online UPS Systems. While the inverters are of two types: Sinewave Inverter and Lift Inverter.
The TF series inverters produce very low output voltage distortion and the HF series system has provision for internal battery with advanced power factor correction facility. While the ST series system works on True On-Line double conversion technology. The inverters use IGBT double conversion technology which means they have current handling capacity even on extreme conditions.
The superior product and service quality offered by Volta is giving satisfactory service to all their valuable customers all across the world.

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